• Always be sure that any items you donate are in good condition.

  • When donating usable goods, I suggest choosing a charity based on Charity Navigator ratings in order to ensure your donations go directly into the hands of those most in need.

  • For a tax-deductible donation pick-up, check out Pick Up Please.



  • It’s important to dispose of things safely, and recycle properly. You can find a recycling location for most items near you at Earth 911.

  • Most electronics recycling centers will take anything that runs on batteries, or plugs in, as well as batteries. Please check with individual recycling locations for acceptable items.

  • Goodwill has an electronic and textile recycling program, so if you have one near you, it’s a great one stop drop for donations and recycling.

  • Please visit the EPA’s website for a list of hazardous materials that require special recycling.


Sell your stuff!

  • Want to make a quick buck while cleaning out your closet? Sell your clothes on ThredUp or Poshmark and reinvest the money in something that truly brings you joy.

  • Sell everything from electronics to furniture locally with Let Go or Offer Up.

For senior services not offered here, please visit A Place for Mom.