Nicole A.

Los Angeles, CA

I have never been a very organized person. I have a very scattered brain, but as I get older I find myself not only yearning for organization, but actually really needing it. I am a new mom and my life got turned upside down. I have always threatened to declutter and get my things in order, but I always thought to myself, "ok, I'll do it later." I never had or have time. I also never knew where to start. Just looking at some of my drawers and opening my closet and seeing the disarray of my most important papers...all of that made me feel like I was about to have a nervous breakdown. I just filled up with anxiety and then I would just keep shoving things in drawers or cabinets.

I hired Jessica and my whole life changed. Jessica not only helped me declutter every space in my home, but she also organized things in a manner that set me up for success and heightened productivity. My kitchen now makes the best sense which cuts the amount of time I have to spend looking for things off completely and also puts things I need within my reach in a way that is the most useful.

I honestly did my best organizing my baby's nursery and I thought it was pretty great, but again, Jessica re-organized everything in a way that makes most sense and I would have never thought to do some of the clever things she has done. Everything is within my immediate reach which means my baby gets my full attention and I am less likely to lose my mind. Jessica also de-cluttered my bathroom cabinets, my bathroom drawers, my medicine cabinet, my refrigerator...

I am on the go all the time and most of that time I am a hot mess because everything is everywhere. Not anymore. I cannot ever say enough good things about her freakish ability to just make everything work in the simplest and most efficient ways. I get more done, I am less stressed, and most importantly, I am able to start motherhood on the right foot with all my baby's things, including important documents, in place.

Life is so much easier when it is de-cluttered and simplified. My mind is forever grateful.

Sarah B

Los Angeles, CA

To set our 2016 off right, we hired Jessica to come in and reorganize our entire 2 bedroom apartment. She did a fantastic job. Our closets make sense, our office if functional and productive and our kitchen is now so well set up that we can both be in there at the same time and not be falling over each other.

We have also had her organize tax receipts and run errands for us. She is prompt, efficient, honest and resourceful. It's like having that magical extra set of hands I've always wanted.

Andrew V.

West Hollywood, CA

Jess at The Clutter Slayer is the best! She organized my home office and when it came to move me from my apartment,  she packed me up and out. All I had to do was turn in my keys into the landlord and drive to my new residence. My rooms, closets, kitchen, and garage were ready!

Jess is  now helping my fiancé and me with our wedding and merging two homes. She is bright, takes initiative, and has a great work ethic.